Peterson Publication, Inc.

Company: Peterson Publication, Inc. logo.jpg
Location: Topeka, Kansas 
Qualifications: Computer skills with Outlook, Word, and Excel experience needed. Assist both the editorial and sales staff with deadlines for articles, advertisement material, and other related information. 30 to 35 hours per week – flexible schedule.
Job Duties:

·         Help manage and organize print magazine editorial and production schedule
·         Follow up by email and phone on deadlines for advertising materials – both print and digital
·         Coordinate with outside authors to remain on schedule for articles and graphics
·         Work as a team with editors, graphic designers and sales staff
 The successful candidate is self-driven, can multi-task while working on tight deadlines.

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Norton County Hospital

Gina Frack, BS, RN
Interim CEO and COO
Norton County Hospital
“HR Partners earned our trust to revamp our employee handbook, restructure the organizational chart and train and develop our most valuable asset – our workforce.”
“We knew we had to improve our overall HR program, but the ‘how’ was overwhelming.  HR Partners helped guide us through the tough work.  Their ongoing support gave staff and the organization encouragement and confidence needed to truly make changes happen.”