Ongoing Projects with Clients

Affirmative Action Plan (“AAP”)– bank, manufacturing (Seven)

Compiled an Affirmative Action Plan with narrative, reports and documentation to meet government/OFCCP compliance and requirements.

Assessments – alumni association, city-government, primary care association, grain service

Administered assessments through PXT Select® ("PXT").

Background Checks and Screening – mental health association, electric cooperative, pharmacy, national association, surgical center, membership association, senior living, medical foundation, consulting group, nursing home

Assisted the clients with conducting background checks to include, education and employment verification, motor vehicle record, criminal background and professional references.

Benefit Administration – membership association, primary care association

Facilitated and administered company benefits, in partnership with the clients' insurance provider, to new hires and company employees as necessary.

Compensation Survey and Analysis– membership association, medical speciality, alumni association, marketing firm, primary care association

Analyzed current internal and external compensation levels and developed a customized broad-banding pay structure for single and/or multiple positions.

Company Downsizing and/or Terminations – various confidential clients

Advised clients on how to downsize eloquently and/or provided resources such as separation agreements and/or assisted with terminations to ease the change.

Employee Handbook – academic institution, electric cooperative X 2, nursing home, hospital, medical speciality X 2, trucking/milling, mental health association

In conjunction with management, updated existing handbook and developed new policies for all aspects of Human Resources, compliant with federal, state, and local employment laws.

Employee Handbook Implementation Assistance – design firm, senior living

In conjunction with management, met with company staff and assisted in the implementation of the employee handbook.

Executive and Staff Recruitment – insurance company, healthcare association, national association, medical speciality, alumni association, non-profit foundation, pet services, membership association, visitor’s bureau, law firm, engineering firm, nursing home

Assisted and managed the recruitment process for the clients including position advertisement, screening, interviewing and/or assisting with offers of employment.

Executive Recruitment – childcare institution, bank, membership association, electric company, learning center

Assisted and managed the “c-suite” recruitment process for clients including position advertisement, screening, interviewing and or assisting with an offer of employment.

FLSA Classification – primary care association, electric cooperative, mental health association

Collaborated with the client to determine whether or not the FLSA classification was accurate in accordance to the position job duties.

Form I-9 Guidance and Audit – design firm, senior living

Conducted a document audit and trained clients, to ensure compliance with federal requirements.

HR Consultationmental health association, electric cooperative (3), manufacturing, grain service, primary care association, alumni association, engineering firm, pet services, medical services, membership club, visitors bureau, medical association, construction, transportation, senior living, membership association, medical speciality

Consulted with clients on employment issue(s) such as Workers Compensation, Maternity Leave, Employee Relations, Accommodations, Terminations, Conflict Resolution, Accommodations, Paid Time Off, Personnel Record Retention, EAP, Release Prior to Resignation, Exit Interviews, Physical Exams, FMLA, COBRA, Retirement, Holiday Pay and Waiting Period, HSA Contributions, Last Chance Agreement, Health Insurance Documentation, FSA, Deferred Compensation, Labor Law Posters, Employment Applications, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Dress Codes, Conflicts of Interest, Bereavement, Employment Agreements and provided recommendations in accordance to client policy and federal and state laws.

Independent Contractor Agreements – membership association

Collaborated with business partners to draft and implement independent contractor agreements for specific job positions.

Job Advertisement – bank, engineering firm, distribution, childcare institution, transit authority

Advertised positions on multiple recruitment outlets for the client for a specific length of time.

Job Description Development and/or Assistance – engineering firm, senior living, pet services, membership association, bank, retail association, visitors bureau, distribution, non-profit foundation, medical speciality X 3, milling/trucking, alumni association, investment company, healthcare foundation, mental health association, primary care association, transit authority

Created and assisted the client with job descriptions which represented relevant job duties and compliance with FLSA classification.

Labor Law Poster Guidance and Compliance Review – mental health association

Provided guidance and up-to-date research on state labor law poster compliance.

CEO Survey and/or Appraisal – city-government, electric cooperative, transportation

Through collaboration with client management, HR Partners assisted with the creation, administration and facilitation of a CEO survey to gather valuable data.

Workplace Climate and Culture Survey – city-government, transit authority, corrections organization

Through collaboration with client management, HR Partners assisted with the creation, administration and facilitation of a Workplace Climate and Culture survey to gather valuable data.

New Hire Orientation – primary care association, membership association

Facilitated new hire paperwork and reviewed the organization’s employee handbook with the new employee.

Policy Development/Revisions – medical services, electric cooperative, healthcare foundation,

Reviewed client's current policy in question for legality and compliance. Revised and provided recommendations customized to the clients' needs and in accordance with state and federal laws. Policies reviewed include: bereavement; performance pay; outside employment; maternity leave; dress code; ADA; personnel records; PTO (attendance); drug and alcohol.   

Training/Coaching Management and/or Staff – corrections organization, manufacturing, city-government, bank, accountants’ association, electric cooperative, community action,

Trained and coached Management and/or Staff through on-site presentations on topics such as: Customers from #$%, Team Building, Coaching, Workplace Etiquette/Boundaries, Great Employee Engagement, HR Metrics, Why Is This Person Still Working Here?, Team Leadership Essentials, Time Management, Solo HR, Challenging Customers, Collaborating with Multiple Generations.

Workplace Investigation and Conflict Resolution – grain service, hospital, manufacturing association, sports club, medical speciality

Facilitated workplace investigations, using an unbiased approach and provided conclusive results based on client's policies and situation facts. 

VETS-4212 Reportbank, electric company

In partnership with client management, analysed and submitted the VETS-4212 Report to meet government/OFCCP compliance and requirements.


What our clients say...

Norton County Hospital

Gina Frack, BS, RN
Interim CEO and COO
Norton County Hospital
“HR Partners earned our trust to revamp our employee handbook, restructure the organizational chart and train and develop our most valuable asset – our workforce.”
“We knew we had to improve our overall HR program, but the ‘how’ was overwhelming.  HR Partners helped guide us through the tough work.  Their ongoing support gave staff and the organization encouragement and confidence needed to truly make changes happen.”