Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

As older workers delay retiring and younger workers enter the workforce, the workplace has become a patchwork of varying perspectives and experiences. For the first time in American history four different generations are working side-by-side in the workplace. While leading these different generations, a diverse workforce can present challenges to even the most skilled management teams. Bridging the generational gap is one of the most challenging tasks an employer may face. The key to overcoming this challenge is effectively addressing and taking advantage of the differences in values and expectations of the employees in each generation.

Each generation has distinct attitudes, behaviors, expectations, habits and motivational buttons, among several other differences. This variety in the workplace has the potential to cause unnecessary distress among generations. Potential conflict could arise due to differences in opinions over values, career goals, work ethic, performance feedback, training, coaching, counseling and rewards and recognition.

There are four different generational groups which your employees may fall under:

  • Traditionalists (Born 1922-1943)
  • Baby Boomers (Born 1944-1960)
  • Generation X (Born 1961-1980)
  • Millennials (Born 1981-2000)

You may be asking yourself, what is the best way to effectively blend these generational differences in order to ensure a balance in the workplace? The answer lies in accommodating the differences, creating workplace choices, operating with sophisticated management styles, respecting competence and initiative, and nurturing retention.

Creative Business Solutions provides training and education which will help participants understand the various generations in the workplace. All generations have thoughts and ideas to offer, which will help your organization thrive. Learning how to manage each generation at work will help you become a better manager, leader and co-worker.




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