Generations Ice-Breaker

Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace is a very popular subject matter for training. With a potential of five (5) generations in the workplace in some organizations, it is not unusual to have issues with communications. For example, I am from the Generation X era. My whole sense of humor is sometimes based on pop culture, such as:

"Be a MacGyver and fix that computer problem! :)"

I know you are thinking either...

"Oh yea! MacGyver! I loved that show. He could make a bomb out of a piece of bubble gum!"


"Who and what is MacGyver?"

This scenario happened within our workforce at CBS. We have over four (4) generations in our office, so we have to be aware that not everyone knows what we are talking about... which provides a great opportunity to share! After I learned that MacGyver was not known with all our employees, I brought up a YouTube video to share the "old show" from the good old days. Then, the Generation Y shared with me about MacGruber. Wow! Some great ideas are recycled for the next generation!

A great generations question for your next staff meeting is: "What was your favorite movie, TV show, or music when you were a young person from the ages of 5 to 18?"

Once you hear the answers from your staff, some great reminiscing will happen, and it will help you will understand their perspectives based on their generations.

CBS provides Generations Training, as well as many other training programs for our partnering companies. Please contact CBS to learn more about how we can assist your organization with your training and/or human resources needs.

What our clients say...

East Texas Electric Cooperative

Tambra Offield
Officer Manager
East Texas Electric Cooperative

“I first met Kristina Dietrick and learned of HR Partners at last year’s NRECA Interact conference.  Her presentation on developing an employee handbook was very informative.  Kristina sent me all the materials and introduced me to the staff who worked closely with myself and our General Manager to develop our new employee handbook specifically to fit our needs. 

We were so impressed that when our Board President asked about doing an evaluation of our General Manager’s performance, that we immediately thought of HR Partners.”

We can’t thank HR Partners enough for all their help with our GM’s review process.  Their knowledge and experience made the process so easy. 

I have recommended CBS to all 10 of our distribution cooperative members for all their human resources needs.