Work Culture: It’s Impact on Employee Relations

It is important for organizations to examine their work culture at all levels, as their particular culture may either have a positive or negative influence on employer-employee relations. Kristina Dietrick, President and Owner of Creative Business Solutions, presented five ways to “spring” into a better work culture at this week’s Chamber Power Breakfast. Below is an outline which your organization may use to establish or continue developing your employer-employee relations, which in turn, will create a positive and motivating work culture for you, your employees and your organization to succeed.

· PURPOSE – What is your organization’s purpose? Does the purpose fit your organization’s Vision and Mission? Employees typically know what they do and how they do it in the course of their daily work, but more importantly, do employees know why they do what they do at work? It is easier for employees to make decisions when they understand the organization’s purpose, goals, and value system. Purpose and values are key drivers of high-performing organizations.

· FOUNDATION – The foundation of an organization may include the by-laws, the strategic business plan, and the Human Resources (HR) documentation, which are all necessary for operating a business consistently and successfully. More importantly, communicating the foundation of the organization to employees on a regular basis will allow them to understand the organization’s vision and continue working towards the organization’s overall purpose.

· PEOPLE – The people within your organization must fit your organization’s purpose. Do you have the right people in the right jobs? Do you have enough people or too many people working at your organization? Do you have an employee who hasn’t been meeting performance standards and you’re wondering why this person is still working for the company? People are an organization’s greatest asset. Therefore, it is important to develop recruitment practices which will assist you in locating the best talent and personality to fit your work culture and purpose.

· HR PRACTICES – Communication is valuable to all HR practices of an organization. Whether you are communicating via email, telephone, conducting meetings, or blogging out important topics via your intranet, communication is vital to an organization’s success. It is also important to develop HR practices which will allow your organization to continually develop your employees, reward and recognize your employees, create a work-life balance and allow employees opportunities for growth. Additionally, it is important to develop HR practices which value teamwork and individual work performance, offer health and wellness programs, as well as ensure that compensation and benefit programs are marketable, among many others.

· HAVE FUN! – By inspiring creativity, employees are motivated to develop fun programs and practices which will have a positive influence on the work culture and employer-employee relations in the organization. Having fun can even include volunteering your time which will not only benefit you as an organization, but benefit other organizations in your community as well.

Once your organization has a purpose, a foundation, the right people, consistent and compliant HR practices, and FUN, you should experience a positive employer-employee relationship and a culture in which individuals thrive in.

At CBS our purpose is to make the lives of our clients easier by offering timely solutions to their human resources and business needs. If your organization needs assistance with developing a positive work culture or if your organization needs to improve in the area of employer-employee relations, CBS would be pleased to assist you. Please call us today!

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